Ryan Wigglesworth to succeed O. Knussen as Richard Rodney Bennett Professor of Music at the RAM

It has been announced that Ryan Wigglesworth will take up the position of Richard Rodney Bennett Professor of Music at London’s Royal Academy of Music, in succession to Oliver Knussen. This role will combine teaching and performing. At the same time, the distinguished Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen will assume the new position of Oliver Knussen Chair In Composition. Royal Academy Principal Jonathan Freeman-Attwood said:

‘As we say farewell to Oliver Knussen, a composer, conductor, teacher and polymath, we are delighted to honour him by creating a brand-new Chair of Composition in his name, to be conferred on the great Danish composer, Hans Abrahamsen.

Ryan Wigglesworth will assume Olly’s former position as the next Richard Rodney Bennett Professor of Music, as performer and composer. Both figures enjoyed close personal and working connections with Olly and I know he would be completely thrilled that Hans and Ryan have joined the Academy family. Ryan’s celebration concert in December featuring Olly’s Way to Castle Yonder was a particularly moving and memorable tribute.

We look forward to continuing the legacy of a great musical creator through these new appointments.



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